What Doesn't A Car Warranty Cover?

No car warranty covers consumable items, routine service and maintenance, or gradual deterioration through use.

Car warranty coverage varies widely depending on:

i) where you got the warranty - from a dealer or extended warranty provider;
ii) the age and mileage of the car - warranties offer better protection for younger cars;
iii) the amount paid for the cover - opting for the best level of warranty cover available provides better protection;

We have highlighted the key exclusions a car warranty will not cover with real examples in the sections below.

At MotorEasy we offer a range of car warranty plans depending on your vehicle age and mileage.

We always recommended full warranty plans which include cover for failures found during MOT or service bookings, as well at home or on the roadside. Our lite warranty plan offers an affordable alternative to traditional warranty cover, but cover is limited to repairs requiring roadside recovery.

Familiarising yourself with your warranty and exclusions ensures you understand what you’re covered for when signing up. It also helps you maintain your car in line with the warranty terms and conditions.

Does A Warranty Cover Accident / Impact Damage?

If you’re coming from a used or private seller, you might be taking out a warranty to protect the car you don’t know much about. Ex-write offs can look and feel great, but a few hundred miles down the road leave you in a difficult situation. No warranty is able to cover this situation, or any where accident damage leads to a failure to the mechanical and electrical components.

For this reason, if you’re worried about the history of your used car it’s always a good idea to carry out a HPI vehicle check, so you know if your vehicle has been written off in the past (as well as other useful information on its history).

If you’ve experienced an accident it’s best to first approach your car insurer. MotorEasy can also help diagnose and arrange these repairs. We’ll give you access to our network of 10,000 garages, passing on our trade discounts, so you can get your car back on the road!

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
Air Con CondenserLand RoverFreelander5 years64,0006 months£597.60
Water RadiatorFordFocus9 years65,3809 months£430.84
Tie RodMercedesE-Class5 years70,9342 months£130.94
Condenser LeakingVauxhallInsignia8 years35,00012 months£476.33

Both of the air conditioning condenser and water radiator examples above were caused by road debris or stones - and not the component experiencing a failure. The tie rod failure in the steering system was caused by the car striking a pothole. In each instance we’d suggest logging a claim with your car insurer.

This is covered under point 4 of the section "What is not included in your plan?" (What IS NOT included in your MotorEasy plan?), by the phrase ‘Any loss or damage caused by a traffic accident, or accidental damage.’

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Does A Warranty Cover Burnt Out Components?

A warranty won’t cover failures caused by negligent driving.

A burnt out component is associated with the clutch and gearbox, and caused by the clutch not being released properly or quickly enough by the driver (known as “riding the clutch”). This is caused by an aggressive driving style, which adds unnecessary strain to the components and causes them to burn out prematurely.

If your car experiences a burnt out clutch, MotorEasy can arrange discounted repairs at reduced prices by passing on our trade discounts to you.

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
Clutch PlateMiniCountryman5 years59,0007 months£1407.96
Clutch KitFordFiesta5 years41,4876 months£504.12

This is covered under the section "What is not included in your plan?", point 14 of your warranty plan.

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Component Not Listed / Excluded

A warranty will cover your vehicle for major mechanical and electrical faults, but will never include servicing (e.g. oil) or consumable items or fluids (e.g. anti-freeze).

A warranty covering every component would be prohibitively expensive, so as a car ages warranty cover changes in order to provide the best combination of price and cover.

Our Plan A warranty covers all parts other than the bodywork, maintenance and service parts which are listed in your plan document.
Plan B offers comprehensive coverage, with an extensive list of covered components. Plan C is designed for older vehicles and limited to the major mechanical components designed to keep the car running, such as the engine and gearbox.

With MotorEasy we won’t leave you wondering where to turn with non-listed repairs. Our engineers will establish exactly what’s needed to repair your car - and the costs including our trade discounts - to help you get the problem resolved.

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
Oil FilterBMW3 Series12 years41,0001 month£119.88
Alarm SirenVolvoS6012 years75,00011 months£339.00
Anti-FreezeVauxhallInsignia4 years57,0008 months£29.38

Please see “What’s not covered?” on Plan A or “Non-listed components” on Plan B or Plan C.

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Does A Warranty Cover Corrosion?

It’s a natural part of a vehicle’s life cycle to experience corrosion (or rust) within its bodywork, as these are the parts that will come into contact with external sources (such as water).

Corrosion won’t occur on internal parts (for instance the entertainment system), or parts hidden away within the vehicle, unless there has been an accident or a case of negligent driving.

However, MotorEasy is still here to offer help on your corroded components. We’ll negotiate with one of our garages to offer you the best price - using our trade savings - on getting your components fixed and ready to go again.

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
AmplifierPorscheCayenne7 years75,0005 days£997.27
CaliperJaguarXF7 years108,0951 month£271.72
Coil SpringsVauxhallCorsa9 years87,7352 months£155.00

In this instance, an amplifier is part of a vehicle’s sound system so shouldn’t come into contact with an external source and therefore be subject to corrosion. This would have been as a result of a cabin seal leak which is again not a mechanical or electrical failure.

The caliper example corrodes as the car had not been correctly maintained over a period of time. A good garage can clean a caliper and return it to service. In the event a caliper failed this would be covered by the warranty.

You can find more information under point 10 of the section "What is not included in your plan?" (What IS NOT included in your MotorEasy plan?), of your warranty plan.

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Driven On

As soon as you notice an issue with your car we advise getting it checked by a VAT registered garage. Ignoring it can lead to the problem escalating, making the fault worse and potentially affecting other areas of the car.

Often, most of this can be avoided or resolved if the issue is dealt with when first noticed. If you are unsure, please get in touch and discuss the symptoms of the issue with our team. We’ll be able to arrange a diagnosis or repair at one of MotorEasy’s 10,000 network garages.

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
GasketVauxhallCorsa6 years76,0003 months£618.85
Front Brake CaliperLand RoverRange Rover6 years66,00010 months£293.05
Reconditioned GearboxVauxhallZafira8 years79,0004 months£720.00

Please see the section "What is not included in your plan?", point 16 of your warranty plan for more information.

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Does A Warranty Cover Faulty Workmanship?

Once again, buying a used car can leave you with all sorts of questions about the vehicle you’re purchasing.

Having work carried out on the vehicle is all part of the owners life cycle, but you don’t know about the quality of this work carried out - or the parts used.

On occasion, we see instances where a breakdown is the result of prior poor workmanship or faulty components - no warranty can cover these.

You won’t be left on your own with these faults. MotorEasy can carry out a full servicing check, to identify where the faulty repair was carried out. If this can be located, our engineers will contact the garage and negotiate for the work to be re-done.

If this isn’t the case, we will offer the use of our 10,000 garages, along with our trade savings, to get this repair done at the best price. Plus, with all MotorEasy repairs you’ll receive a 12 month guarantee for the work.

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
EngineFordFocus11 years104,80010 months£576.00
Anti Roll Bar BushLand RoverRange Rover Sport4 years60,00019 days£314.02
Heater MatrixAudiA35 years90,00014 days£616.42
TurbochargerVauxhallInsignia8 years92,50013 months£972.60

This is covered under the section "What is not included in your plan?", point 11 of your warranty plan.

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Lack of Servicing

Part of your responsibility with any warranty is ensuring that your car is correctly maintained and serviced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. This allows faults to be identified and rectified early - before they develop into anything more serious.

Faults resulting from insufficient servicing - such as a gearbox or engine fault caused by a missed or overdue oil change - cannot be covered by any warranty, as the car has not been maintained correctly.

To ensure your car adheres to the terms of your warranty, you must keep your service history up-to-date and complete on time. MotorEasy can arrange full manufacturer servicing at up to 40% less than main dealer prices!

If you are unsure whether your service history is up-to-date, simply get in touch.

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
Cylinder HeadVauxhallCorsa5 years60,9007 months£726.79
GearboxLand RoverDiscovery12 years109,0007 months£427.56
Water PumpAudiA48 years46,0007 months£280.25

The gearbox failure that occurred above was due to the owner of the vehicle not keeping up to date with their service schedule. This gearbox failure occured as the oil that lubricates the moving parts degrades over time, leading to increased friction and eventually failure. Routine servicing would replace the oil and helping avoid failure.

Please see point 5 of the section "What is not included in your plan?" in your warranty plan for more information.

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Does A Warranty Cover Manufacturer Recalls?

Any car can be recalled when a manufacturer realises a model has a safety-defect putting drivers at risk, and issues a complimentary repair.

Recalls will be carried out for free at a manufacturer. If you are notified that one has occurred, please contact the main dealer.

Unsure? You can check if your car has an outstanding recall on this page. It will also let you know whether previous recalls have been completed or still outstanding.

Please see point 8 of the section "What is not included in your plan?" in your warranty plan for more information.

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Does A Warranty Cover Modifications?

Our warranty covers the parts originally fitted by your manufacturer or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) equivalent parts fitted by a VAT registered garage.

Extended warranties are rated on the basis of a car’s original manufacturer’s specification. Where modified parts have been fitted we cannot cover these components against failure, or them causing damage.

Where your car has been modified, we can still protect your vehicle but the modified components or faults relating to them would be excluded. Please advise a member of the team and they will be able to help clarify or setup your plan incorporating this.

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
Glow PlugsChrysler300C10 years75,0002 months£855.92

The glow plug failure was not due to a modification to the glow plugs themselves, but to the engine; which in turn subjected other components to function under increased pressure and eventually fail.

Please see point 14 of the section "What is not included in your plan?" in your warranty plan for more information.

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Not Attended By Recovery Vehicle

NOTE: Only affects value Lite warranty plans

Our Lite warranty plan is a value alternative to our recommended full Plan A, B or C plans, reflected by the significant price difference. In order for a claim to be submitted the vehicle must be unable to continue its journey safely requiring recovery by a breakdown operator.

To ensure the best cover for your vehicle, we always recommend protecting the vehicle with our full Plan A, B or C plans. These offer the best combination of car warranty price and cover available in the UK.

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
Clutch and FlywheelVolkswagenVolkswagen10 years9,00012 months£835.20
Oil LeakLand RoverDiscovery12 years97,0005 months£780.00
Starter MotorVolkswagenGolf5 years23,0007 months£259.20
Suspension PumpBMWX510 years83,5004 months£769.20

Please see the section "What is included in your MotorEasy plan?” in your Lite plan document.

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Part Not Failed

If you notice anything unusual about your car’s performance you should take it to a garage or get in touch. Usually, we’ll be able to provide a diagnosis and a quote for the work.

However, on occasion, these parts may be mechanically sound and performing correctly. In instances where the part is deemed safe and the car roadworthy, they have not failed. Your warranty is there to protect your car against mechanical or electrical failures.

If you’re unsure whether your car needs a repair, get in touch to arrange a diagnosis where we can help establish whether a repair is necessary, as well as arrange it.

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
Drive BeltSeatLeon3 years67,28511 days£352.86
TurbochargerVolkswagenGolf11 years96,2006 months£620.83
Shock AbsorberVolvoXC7010 years109,0009 months£650.40

Please see point 7 of the section "What is not included in your plan?" in your warranty plan for more information.

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Does A Warranty Cover Pre-Existing Faults?

No warranty can cover faults present before the inception of the plan, simply because it would make the warranty far too expensive. It is also a necessary measure to prevent against fraudulent claims, which drive up warranty costs for other members.

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
Clutch PlateFiatPunto Evo6 years55,0001 month£304.08
CondenserMercedesA-Class5 years31,0001 month£675.65
Hydraulic Power Steering PumpCitroenDispatch3 years29,8882 months£498.00

Please see point 9 of the section "What is not included in your plan?" in your warranty plan for more information.

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Repairs Completed Without Authority

Our team check the facts on every diagnosis and repair we get involved with. This means we can apply trade discounts to parts and labour costs to negotiate cheaper repairs for our members. It also helps us keep warranty prices down while delivering better cover.

We also need to establish the validity of each claim, and authorise it and the associated costs before any repairs are completed. This is also a common anti-fraud measure you will find in any protection or insurance product.

Where we have not had a chance to approve the repairs we may not be able to cover the repair under the warranty - so always get in touch before any repairs are proceeded with.

FaultMakeModelVehicle AgeMileageTime on CoverCost
AlternatorNissanNavara10 years96,0005 months£421.04
Coil SpringFordFocus5 years38,00012 months£341.94
Lower Suspension ArmsLand RoverDiscovery8 years81,00012 months£432.36

Please see point 17 of the section "What is not included in your plan?" in your warranty plan for more information.

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Repair Contributions

We will always pay 100% of the labour charges and 100% of diagnostic costs related to a repair. However, in order to provide you with a better price and level of cover for your warranty, there are occasions when you need to contribute to repair costs. This is called ‘Repair Contribution’ and ‘Age and Mileage Contribution (Optional)’.

Optional Repair Contribution

Optional Repair Contribution refers to the amount you must pay towards your repair bills. This is something that would have been agreed when your warranty policy was set up. Contributing to your repair costs can help significantly reduce the price of a warranty. We offer three options; £0, £25 and £50 - the more expensive you choose, the cheaper the warranty will be.

Optional Age and Mileage Contribution

An Optional Age and Mileage Contribution clause refers to contributions you will have to pay towards your repairs, based on the age of your vehicle. Sometimes when a replacement component is fitted to replace those suffering a breakdown, it can result in your vehicle being in a better position than before the failure. If this is the case then you will have to pay towards the cost of the components.

This will come into effect when your vehicle becomes older than 6 years with more than 60,000 recorded miles. You can find the percentage we will pay towards your repairs in your policy document.

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What's the difference between Lite and Full warranty plans?

There are six warranty options to choose from which are split into two categories, Full and Lite plans. Each Full Plan A/B/C option has a Lite alternative at around half price. However this reduced price limits the failures covered by the plan.

What events are covered by a Full plan?

We always recommend you take out the more comprehensive full plan for your vehicle. This covers faults identified during a breakdown, at a service or MOT booking or even at home.

What events are covered by a Lite plan?

A Lite plan is designed to cover you only for components that if failed would prevent you from continuing your journey.

As part of a valid lite claim; the vehicle must have been prevented from continuing its journey safely and have been attended by a vehicle operator at the roadside.

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