Where to go on a UK Road Trip?

By: Motor Easy
UK Road Trips - motoreasy's guide

Road trips are great. Cars offer unprecedented freedom for motorists with hidden gems all over the UK just waiting for you. We've highlighted some of the incredible UK roads and routes that offer breathtaking scenerey. Many aren't even aware that filmmakers from all over the world flock to our shores to showcase this rich scenery, and you can get there for a fraction of the cost of a usual trip or family holiday.


Of course, it's open to discussion, but we've tried to pinpoint the best driving roads from across the UK to give you an idea of what's available just a few hours' drive away. Let's begin


ENGLAND - The Honister Pass, Lake District

Some of the steepest gradients in the UK offers road users with astonishing scenery as they proceed through this valley.  The interesting local geography also results in some dramatic weather, with the UK's record rainfall over a 24 hour period found here - an astonishing 34.1cm!


SCOTLAND - Bealach Na Ba (Or the considerably less exotic Pass Of The Cattle)


Steep ascensions and hairpin corners & narrow, single track roads as witnessed in the video above. Find these dramatic roads near Ross & Cromarty, plus once you're through them enjoy the natural beauty of the Applecross Peninsula!


WALES -  Black Mountain Pass

The road of your dreams; this dips, rises, and undulates its way through the Brecon Beacons offering spectacular scenery throughout. Enjoy, bring a friend and possibly a camera to put a smile back on your face!



Coming straight to you from a fairtytale or haunted forest, we've never seen a road like the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland. It goes on and on with a natural beauty and a fascinating (if a little short!) drive - or enjoy it on the video above!


So there you have it, our picks for the best driving roads in the UK. If you'd like to suggest your own please get in touch with us on facebook, twitter or instagram! 

And remember if you're looking to head off on your UK road trip and bringing the kids along take a look at our road trip checklist.

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BONUS - Driving Through Glencoe, Scotland

(Because we wanted to add this awe-inspiring road)

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