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If you are not feeling suitably chilled, or your screen takes an age to de-mist then quite possibly your con needs to be serviced or repaired. So what are the tell tale signs that your air con system is unwell? And when should you go and see and expert?

Check Your Air Conditioning

Always test your air con with the engine running. Set the fan to the highest setting and make sure that it is not set on recirculation. Press all the buttons and make sure that if is supposed to be directing it to your face or feet, it is doing just that. 

Is the air pressure high or low according to how you have set the fan? Check all the vents as the air may be coming out of some vents and not the others. 

Feel the air coming out of the vents. Is it noticeably colder or warmer than the air in the car? If not, there may be a problem.

Any strange sounds might indicate that the compressor is damaged (fear not - we can help)

Take a sniff of what is coming out of the vents. If it does smell a bit off it may need a new filter, or there could be a leak. If the filter is blocked, see if it is easy to remove and inspect. That could be interfering with the airflow. Sometimes you can clean them, simpler though to replace. 

Check in the owner’s manual and find out which fuses relate to the air conditioning system. Check if it has blown. If, once replaced, the fuse blows again then there will be an electrical issue that must be investigated. 

Look under the bonnet and check for refrigerant leaks. Locate the pipes. It is a sealed system but if there is sometimes an oily residue then that suggests leaks. 

The compressor is operated by a belt. With the engine switched off, check how tight it is on the pulley as it could be slipping and also check the condition, as it may be cracked or frayed.

If, at the end of all this you still can't identify the issue (or it sounds a bit too complicated!) just arrange an appointment and we'll handle the rest!

Book Car Air Conditioning Check

If you'd like to give the whole car a bit of TLC, booking annual servicing will keep it running reliably and cost-effectively.

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