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RTV GAP Insurance

Return to Value (RTV) GAP Insurance is a GAP Insurance product that protects your pocket in the event of a write-off, covering the difference between what you paid for the car and the insurance payout so you can purchase the same vehicle again.


What is RTV GAP Insurance?

Most motorists don’t consider that they may be out of pocket if their vehicle is written off with the best insurers only paying the market value at the time of an incident. Meanwhile, a vehicle depreciates as soon as you drive it off the lot, typically by 60% in the first three years.

A Return to Value GAP Insurance policy tops up an insurer’s payout in the event of a write-off, providing the extra funds to purchase a replacement vehicle. Policies are available for vehicles purchased through a private seller, or new and used cars purchased through a VAT registered dealer more than six months ago.

Your car must be under 8 years old and must have covered fewer than 70,000 miles.

An RTV policy covers the difference between the value you paid for the vehicle and the market value of the vehicle on the start date of the GAP insurance plan. Grab RTV GAP protection in seconds by getting a quote today.


RTV GAP Insurance features & benefits

  • The difference between the value of your vehicle on GAP purchase and your insurance payout covered
  • Stops you from losing out if your vehicle is written off
  • Up to £500 excess covered
  • Flexible coverage to suit you
  • Covers European road trips
  • Access to a free MotorEasy account with incredible discounts
  • Savings on MotorEasy maintenance and repairs 


How does RTV GAP Insurance work?

RTV GAP will top up the payout you receive in the event of a write off from your insurer which will be based on the market value of your vehicle at the time of the incident. With RTV GAP, the payment will be based on the price of your vehicle at the time you purchased your GAP policy, meaning you can replace your vehicle without being out of pocket.


What does RTV GAP Insurance cover? 

  • Cover available for all cars up to 10 years old and 10,000 miles
  • new and used cars purchased more than 6 months ago
  • Write-offs due to theft, accidental damage, fire damage and water damage
  • Payment is up to Your Insured Vehicle Purchase Price. The maximum benefit payable is £50,000
  • Up to £500 of your vehicle insurance policy excess
  • Factory and dealer fitted optional extras
  • Covers European road trips


Why choose MotorEasy for RTV GAP Insurance?

MotorEasy is an expert in all things GAP Insurance meaning we can give you expert advice that’s tailored to you and your vehicle. Our prices are some of the most competitive on the market with flexible policy particulars to suit your needs. We’ll also cover you in Europe and an excess of up to £500. We’re fully FCA regulated and hold an Excellent rating on Trustpilot thanks to our happy customers.


RTV GAP Insurance FAQs

Find out the answers to the most common RTV GAP Insurance queries or head to our GAP Insurance guide or general FAQs to find out more.


What does RTV GAP mean?

RTV GAP stands for Return to Value Guaranteed Asset Protection. It basically means, you will be covered in the event your insurer considers your car a write off so you can purchase your car again, without being out of pocket. You will receive the market value at the time you purchase your RTV GAP cover rather than at the time of an incident.


Who is eligible for RTV GAP Insurance?

Anyone who purchased their car from a private seller or cars bought over six months ago. The vehicle should be under 8 years old with fewer than 70,000 miles.


Who needs RTV GAP Insurance?

RTV GAP Insurance is for people who purchased their car privately and want to ensure they’re covered in the event of a write-off, protecting the difference between the value of their car and insurance payout.


How much is RTV GAP Insurance?

RTV GAP Insurance prices are based on your vehicle and policy specifics. Policies start from as little as £4.30 per month (based on a 24 month plan).  Get a quote today to get the best price for your RTV GAP Insurance.


How do I claim on my RTV GAP Insurance?

You should begin the claims process as soon as you think your car is going to be considered a write-off and before you accept an offer from your insurance company. You can do this by locating your claim documents in your MotorEasy account.


Is RTV GAP Insurance paid monthly or annually?

MotorEasy offers flexible RTV GAP Insurance policies to suit you so you can opt for monthly or annual payments.


Why would my RTV GAP insurance not payout?

RTV GAP wouldn’t pay out if you don’t have a fully comprehensive car insurance policy or your insurer doesn’t consider your car a write-off. You also won’t be covered if your car activity is considered outside “normal use”.


What’s the difference between RTV GAP Insurance and RTI?

RTV is for cars purchased over six months ago or bought from private sellers so you receive the market value of your car at the time of your GAP purchase whereas RTI is for cars bought in the last six months from VAT registered companies where you’ll receive the amount you paid for the vehicle.