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                        MotorEasy Service Benefits

                        The best way to save and budget on the cost of motoring.

                        • Save money: up to 40% cheaper than manufacturer prices
                        • Convenient: budget ahead with easy monthly payments
                        • No risk: cancel at any time
                        • MotorEasy discounts: we’ll pass-on our discounted pricing if repairs or wearable parts replacements are identified during your service
                        • Documentation: service history stored in your MotorEasy digital garage

                        Your service and MOT covered from £15 per month.

                        How it works

                        We will identify the best service for your vehicle, depending on age and mileage. Making sure:

                        • All essential checks are covered
                        • Only manufacturer grade parts, fluids and oils are used

                        Dedicated MotorEasy Technician on-hand

                        We’ll assign a dedicated MotorEasy technician to monitor your service, making sure all essential checks are carried out. Should your service identify any necessary repairs or additional service requirements, they can provide a second opinion, as well as identify alternative workshops to help you save money or get specialist support.